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ICOM ID-51A Plus2 KF4PBU on 16/9/20
if all else fails you can do a factory reset and load your programing again. that should solve that issue, if it does not i would suspect there might be a defect requiring service from Icom.
DMR ID Registration pal on 16/9/20
one of the big draws to DMR is the fact that it is open to all license classes. If there is not a repeater close by no problem DMR Hotspots work just about anywhere, you just need a means to connect to the internet.
as a side note: if there is something you like not on your local repeater, ask the owner or group running it, they will usually add it to the list.
DMR Discussion Net. 5/15/2019. N1AUP on 16/9/20
is this still running and second your on TAC 316?
DMR question for new users W7VTS on 16/9/20
try placing your radio into promiscuous mode, that way anything thats comes over that repeater you will hear, no mater if you have that TG programed or not
DMR and Mac WB3KGT on 16/9/20
Since DMR is a commercial mode and its origins are from a commercial point of view, all of the CPS is coded for Windows as that is the universal commercial OS.
The best advice I have heard from the other OS world when talking DMR is to A: write you own program or B: get a cheap windows machine.
Keep in mind each manufacture that develops their own DMR radio has a slightly different and copyrighted software to use for that radio.
So, in short get a windows pc and join the party. I am sorry but this is the way of the world currently.

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