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DMR and Mac

Oct 1st 2019, 09:42


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Does anybody know of any Macintosh software that will program a DMR radio?

I use Chirp for my analog Kenwood, but would like to get into DMR.

Nov 20th 2019, 13:21


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I'm looking into digital modes myself for the first time. I contacted Bridgecom Systems about their DMR stuff and they advised that I would have to have a Windows emulator on my Mac to download anything. I have been researching putting Windows on the Mac and it appears to be more trouble than it is worth. What was recommended to me was to go to Amazon and get an inexpensive laptop PC and to just use that. They have them for under $100 that look like they would work. Still have more investigation to do though. Just another option if you don't have any luck with finding a Mac program. Bridgecom Systems has videos on it on YouTube.
Sep 16th 2020, 08:22


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Since DMR is a commercial mode and its origins are from a commercial point of view, all of the CPS is coded for Windows as that is the universal commercial OS.
The best advice I have heard from the other OS world when talking DMR is to A: write you own program or B: get a cheap windows machine.
Keep in mind each manufacture that develops their own DMR radio has a slightly different and copyrighted software to use for that radio.
So, in short get a windows pc and join the party. I am sorry but this is the way of the world currently.
Mar 22nd 2022, 11:24


Joined: Mar 22nd 2022, 10:45
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I am a Mac guy also, and discovered some software called Parallels. It is not free, but it lets you install a virtual windows desktop on your mac, so you can use either mac or windows software. It saved me from having to buy a windows machine for Ham related stuff.

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