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This program by Norm Fusaro, W3IZ is designed to introduce the new or recently upgraded ham to the world of Amateur Radio in the HF spectrum. If you have ever had the desire to experience the thrill of communicating with hams across the country or half way around the world then this program is a good starting point. Topics include propagation, antennas, equipment, grounding and safety.

HF 101


Well known DXer and author (Ham Radio For Dummies), Ward Silver, N0AX, gives us his presentation that he uses at the Communications Academy in Seattle, WA. This insightful program focuses on the many fun activities that can be had when Technician class hams upgrade their licenses and earn new privileges on the ham bands below 30 MHz. While encouraging upgrading, the program also provides some information of what activities Technicians can do with their current privileges. The program is full of useful diagrams and information and has many bullets to be used as talking points at a club meeting or a mentor session.


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