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Outreach to Teachers and Schools

What do I need to know to talk to my local school about Amateur Radio?

The most frequently asked question about ARRL’s Education & Technology Program (ETP) is "How do I approach a school to introduce Amateur Radio curriculum and convince them to consider including the curriculum as part of their school program?" This question comes from hams outside the educational system who would like to see Amateur Radio included as an accepted program in their local schools.

As Ham Radio operators, we recognize the numerous benefits from including Amateur Radio as an enrichment program in schools. We are aware of the relationship between the knowledge base of our hobby and the concepts in science, math, geography and other subject matter taught in schools. We have observed how the use of Amateur Radio can improve young people's verbal and social skills. We are familiar with the sense of accomplishment gained by passing an FCC exam and operating on the air.

To be successful you'll need to be informed about the resources ARRL offers through our Education & Technology Program.  You'll also want to know what  teachers are doing in their classrooms to use amateur radio as an instructional tool.  It would also be good to have some knowledge of what other local ham radio clubs are doing with their local schools.

Spend some time reading the information provided through the links below.

Then  take advantage of the prep tool we've prepared for launching your conversation with your local school.  This  will help you organize your thoughts and your conversation with the local school administrator.

What is the ETP?

Learn more about ARRL's Education & Technology Program 


  • Brochure for School Outreach Meetings

    Our "What Amateur Radio Can Do For Your School and Students" flyer provides key talking points to address with teachers and school administrators. will provide you with a polished summary of your discussion with school officials. It is a great way to keep on track throughout the meeting without missing any of the key points to make about the benefits of including amateur radio in school. You can preview the brochure by clicking the link provided here.

    Submit this form to request brochures from ARRL's Education and Learning Department.

  • Preparing for a meeting with school personnel

    This is a PDF format  of the slideshow seen above for you to print out for reference.
    Learn More

  • Developing Radioactive Kids


    Pete Kemp KZ1Z , retired teacher and recipient of the Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year Award, offers some great advice on setting your expectations and getting organized to work with a school.
    Learn More

  • Teach In

    Each year, the public schools of Orange and Seminole Counties of Central Florida hold a Teach-in. The school principals and their staff invite individuals to share their particular careers and other interests in a classroom environment.  The Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society (LMARS) of Deltona, Florida has supported this effort and gathers a group of their members to bring the fascinating hobby of ham radio to the local schools at this annual event.

    Here's their report on their recent visit to English Estates Elementary School in Fern Park, Florida.

    Learn More

  • Spreading Ham Radio Into Cooper Elementary School

    Tulsa (Oklahoma) Public Schools has the Tulsa Metro Chamber Partners in Education program which is designed to broaden students' horizons by showing them how what they are learning in school can be applied later in life.  Tulsa Amateur Radio Club leapt at the chance to tell students at Cooper Elementary School about Amateur Radio.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: How to Approach Your Local School

    You may have asked these questions too!
    Learn More

  • Classroom Activities, Reports from Classrooms

    Be informed about how teachers  are using amateur radio in their classrooms and how they are exloring robotics and other topics using wireless technology. Read reports from teachers and articles and stories telling how teachers and local hams went about introducing ham radio into school classrooms and some of the exciting outcomes!
    Learn More

  • Curriculum Connections

    Teachers find curriculum connections for Amateur Radio to many subject areas. Review the possible science benchmarks that can be addressed wtih Amateur Radio.
    Learn More

  • The Next Generation of Hams: It's Elementary

    Learn how a local radio club "sold" amateur radio to a local school-- and read about their accomplishments.
    Learn More

  • These Youngsters are Radio Active

    Mike Mike Zane, N6ZW tells how he went about it.
    Learn More

  • Reaching for the Stars with Radio

    The ARISS Program can provide opportunities for a local amateur radio club to introduce ham radio to teachers and to school adminsitrators as a means of hands-on learning.

    A 6th grade class at Northland Preparatory School in Flagstaff, AZ build a radio telescope, use radio to explore the heavens, track a high altitude balloon, and on May 24, 2012, talk to astronaut Joe Acaba, KE5DAR on the ISS during a scheduled contact.IMG_9544.JPG
    Read More

    For more information about ARISS, Read More.


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