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RTTY DXCC Oct 30th 2019, 13:29 3 7,081 on 5/11/19
Belt Buckle May 18th 2017, 10:07 1 9,895 on 18/5/17

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RTTY DXCC KX2S on 5/11/19
I still see no reason why I can't have a RTTY DXCC certificate!
RTTY DXCC KX2S on 30/10/19
I have been wondering for some time why RTTY was dumped into the digital dxcc.award.
RTTY has been a unique mode and I feel there still should be an option to choose a RTTY DXCC award. I do know of another local ham who complained and did receive a RTTY DXCC award. I think the members should have an option for the original RTTY DXCC award.
This rather then be dumped into the digital DXCC award.
Just my personal feeling
73 Ed KX2S
Belt Buckle KX2S on 18/5/17
I think it would be nice for the league to have an ARRL belt buckle available. I know there are call sign buckles available.

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