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CHIRP import csv problem Nov 12th 2018, 04:32 3 10,550 on 12/11/18

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CHIRP import csv problem DirckB on 12/11/18
Thank you. The "Unknown file format" error message made me think it didn't understand csv (as if I had tried to import a pdf or doc file). If the message referred to "field format", I'd have been OK. Turns out one column in the Icom Programmer list I had scanned still had "Mz" as well as the frequency. Once I fixed that, CHIRP guided me through the other changes it wanted.
CHIRP import csv problem DirckB on 12/11/18
From an Excel spreadsheet of channel information from the local club I have created a csv file and attempted to import it into CHIRP. The import fails every time with the error message "Unknown file format".

Any help would be appreciated.

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