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Any Software that runs on a MAC Jul 13th 2017, 11:00 3 10,282 on 30/1/20
Cabrillo Software Dec 6th 2016, 18:45 2 10,018 on 8/12/16

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Any Software that runs on a MAC tvmorton2016 on 13/7/17
All the available software that I see runs only on MS platforms. Has anyone tried to make some of these programs MAC compatible?
Cabrillo Software tvmorton2016 on 6/12/16
I'm new to contesting. I just learned of the required Cabrillo format for contest entries. I'm looking for software (basic listing, Excel template, Portable C/C++ executable for a Mac/Unix platform) that will help automate this job in the proper format with the correct submittal info. I don't need/want something that necessarily interfaces to my transceiver directly. m I can enter the data myself manually.

Thanks for any help,

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