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Question about participating in contests...

Jun 3rd 2022, 15:43


Joined: Aug 24th 2015, 13:03
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I have a question... for which the set up is rather detailed. I hope that I make the issue surrounding my question "clear" and "to the point".

I just became an AE a couple of months ago and was a General for a couple of years....and have next to NO contest experience under my belt. To properly focus my question.... I am going to say it this way....

If I wake up on a weekend morning... and there is a state QSO party going on. And I hear operators calling CQ.......

is it OK to answer them.... if I am not FORMALLY taking part in the contest? Here is what I am wondering......

If I answer any CQ's and provide the proper "exchange information".....but do NOT turn in a LOG to the proper place.....
do THOSE OTHER operators that I talk to STILL get their credit for the contact?

So to refine just a bit... is it an OK practice to get on and answer contestants calling CQ.... it I am not FORMALLY participating in the contest...and will NOT be submitting a log? Or am I in fact wasting THEIR time....because they won't get credit for the contact?

I have just been wondering about this?

Thanks in advance for any commentary and opinions.

Jun 15th 2022, 20:31


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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Hi Bob -- congratulations on the upgrade! It is perfectly OK to hand out points in a contest without submitting a log -- I've done so many times. The stations you contact WILL receive credit for the QSOs.

If it's one of the big, adjudicated contests, I usually try to complete at least two or three QSOs if I'm not planning on submitting a log. When a call sign only appears in one contestant's log, it can sometimes arouse suspicion with the judges.

Mark AI4BJ

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