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Vanity Callsign Approval/Change Callsign here... Jun 6th 2022, 18:23 1 3,554 on 6/6/22
Question about log file format details... Jun 3rd 2022, 15:58 2 3,971 on 7/6/22
Question about participating in contests... Jun 3rd 2022, 15:43 2 4,841 on 15/6/22

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Vanity Callsign Approval/Change Callsign here... AI5RR on 6/6/22
Just yesterday I filed an application for a 2x2 callsign.

That got me wondering, assuming the change is approved...
am I able to change my callsign here on the ARRL website?

I know that I have my callsign as my userid on the userid/password page and it LOOKS like I can edit that info.....
but is there somewhere else that actually holds my callsign that needs to be changed?

Question about log file format details... AI5RR on 3/6/22
I am aware that most if not all contests require the submission of Cabrillo format log files. I have gathered a few in and viewed them to see just what is going on.

I am also aware that there are places where you can go online and purchase logging software and the support includes..... handling the details of the logging required by various contests.

My question is... I have gone to contest rules pages and seen where they defined the "EXCHANGE info required"....but they don't seem to give details on the fields required in the reporting of each contact.

In the files that I have looked at... those lines that report the contact can be a little different from one contest to another.

So how do you find the exact data fields required WITHIN the Cabrillo formatted log file? Making it Cabrillo is one thing. Including the contact details required in the proper order can be quite another. I have not personally seen any contest rules site that covered this issue.

Thanks in advance...
Question about participating in contests... AI5RR on 3/6/22
I have a question... for which the set up is rather detailed. I hope that I make the issue surrounding my question "clear" and "to the point".

I just became an AE a couple of months ago and was a General for a couple of years....and have next to NO contest experience under my belt. To properly focus my question.... I am going to say it this way....

If I wake up on a weekend morning... and there is a state QSO party going on. And I hear operators calling CQ.......

is it OK to answer them.... if I am not FORMALLY taking part in the contest? Here is what I am wondering......

If I answer any CQ's and provide the proper "exchange information".....but do NOT turn in a LOG to the proper place.....
do THOSE OTHER operators that I talk to STILL get their credit for the contact?

So to refine just a bit... is it an OK practice to get on and answer contestants calling CQ.... it I am not FORMALLY participating in the contest...and will NOT be submitting a log? Or am I in fact wasting THEIR time....because they won't get credit for the contact?

I have just been wondering about this?

Thanks in advance for any commentary and opinions.

email forwarding n1zx on 24/5/22
Following some of the info here, I just tried to set up forwarding. In myArrl in Contact Info, I added another email. When I selected that option I got a box that popped up that said Location ( I believe that I recall ) and I selected Forwarding.... and for the email address I put in (this was simply a guess and may have been wrong!).

I then tried to send and email to from my laptop ... and the email attempt bounced citing that the email address was not found.

Not sure what I will try next....but that sure didn't work.....

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