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E-mail Forwarding

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How does it work?

If you elect to use the E-Mail Forwarding Service for your club, your club's call sign becomes an address in the mail system. This service is a forwarding (or "alias") service only. No messages will be stored on our servers. E-mail sent to your club's address will be forwarded to the real e-mail address that you provide to us. (You must supply a valid e-mail address for this system to work.) Please Note: Forwarding to another address or multiple e-mail addresses is not permitted.

Note: By choosing to participate in the ARRL e-mail forwarding service you agree to abide by the policies governing use of the service. (Below)

How does my club sign up for the E-Mail Forwarding Service?

The e-mail forwarding service--or alias--service is available at no additional charge for ARRL affiliated clubs. It will provide clubs with a uniform "call" e-mail address that remains the same even if the user changes e-mail service providers.

To sign up for a club email address:

  • Use the form below 
  • Include your club's name, club callsign, and the address that the club's email alias should be forwarded to (eg: )
  • Your club will be assigned an ARRL email alias like

Your club's email alias will be available within three business days after you request it. To change your club's address, simply repeat this procedure. The service does not affect usability of your original e-mail address. If your club does not have a club call sign, the system will generate an address based on the club's initials and a random three-digit number.

Whenever you update your club record the e-mail forwarding will also be updated.  The e-mail address provided in the club record is the address that you mail is forwarded to.


Policies governing use of the Service

The American Radio Relay League, Incorporated reserves the right to terminate the participation of any member in the E-mail Forwarding Service for any reason at any time, upon prior notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, termination of participation will be immediately effected, without prior notice to the participant if, in the opinion of the League, the E-Mail Forwarding Service is abused by that participant in any fashion. This specifically includes participants discovered to be using the E-Mail forwarding service for commercial purposes or who are determined to be mailing spam through the service.

Participation in the E-mail forwarding service is at the discretion of the League, and creates no entitlement whatsoever on the part of any participant.

Comments regarding this service can be addressed to:

Club call sign

e-Mail address your mail will be forwarded to. (Do not use another address)


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