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Call Sign Research

FCC Duplication and Call Sign Research Contractor


Who is the FCC duplication and call sign researcher?

The FCC has selected Best Copy and Printing Inc (BCPI) to perform duplicating and research services for the agency under FCC contract. The change from Qualex to BCPI was effective May 27, 2004. BCPI works with the FCC's Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau's Reference Information Center (RIC) to provide primary document search/retrieval and high-speed duplication services to the public, for a fee, and access to self-operated copy machines located in the RIC. Copies of licenses, lists of licenses and all manner of other FCC documents not restricted from public access will be available through BCPI.


  • What are the functions and item costs of BCPI?

    Item functions and costs under the new contract include:


    • Document search and retrieval service, $20 per hour;
    • FCC provided service-Daily Releases, $0.12 per page;
    • Daily Digest subscription service, $0.12 per page;
    • Shipping and handling, $3 per order;
    • Database/ECFS/Web printing service, $0.20 per page;
    • Diskette to diskette/Zip disc copy service, $5 per disk;
    • CD ROM to CD ROM copy service, $15 per CD;
    • Microfiche to paper copy service, $0.15 per page;
    • Map/odd size copy service, $2/sq ft;
    • Facsimile copy service, $1 per page;
    • Regular copy service, $0.12 per page;
    • Expedited copy service, $0.15 per page;
    • Debit card service, $0.10 per page.

  • How can I contact BCPI to obtain a copy of an old FCC license?

    Best Copy & Printing, Inc.
    Portals II
    445 12th St. S.W.
    Room CY-B402
    Washington DC 20554

    Customers may also contact BCPI at its Web site or by calling toll-free 800-378-3160.

    For assistance in acquiring copies of FCC documents, please contact us at Telephone 202-488-5300; TTY 202-488-5562; or Fax 202-488-5563. E-mail requests, help and orders to BCPI accepts all major credits cards


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