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ARRL Momobeam Dualband Beam Antenna 6/10

Coming Soon!

This antenna features a 10 Meter Moxon (28 MHz) and 6 Meter Yagi (50 MHz)

Produced exclusively for ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® by Momobeam


  • Lightweight
  • Mast-mountable
  • Includes extra hardware for fixed and portable use (wing nuts)

Download assembly manual.

Design Concept – Two Unique Design Features in One Antenna

One of the unique qualities of this antenna is the feed system for the 50 MHz portion of this dual band antenna. It utilizies the Open Sleeve Feed Method, where there is no physical connection to the Driven Element of the 50 Mhz section and the coupling is based on element proximity and length that allows 50 Mhz energy to couple from the 10 M Driven Element with minimal loss. This technology was developed by N6BT and Sommer DJ2UT. Refer to the ARRL Antenna Book for more detail on this design.

This feed method for 50 MHz provides a simple, lightweight and efficient design for the user.

Note that the Driven Element for 50 MHz is labelled O-S for Open Sleeve.

The second unique design feature: The antenna is a Moxon for the 10 M band, developed originally by G6XN. This design very effectively reduces the traditional yagi to a size typically 30% smaller and utilizes no traps or other shortening techniques that reduce performance bandwidth. The Moxon has the reputation of being a high performance antenna with no trade offs. It is ideal for the wide bandwidth of 10 M. 



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