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Most of the discussion about Contesting and ARRL is on the Groups dot io email reflector Jan 10th 2022, 11:12 1 4,474 on 10/1/22

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Most of the discussion about Contesting and ARRL is on the Groups dot io email reflector KG5VK on 10/1/22
There are a few discussions here in the forum
most of them several years old
Almost everyone has migrated to discussions via email reflectors on


ARRLNTX Section Manager
percent of hams participating in contests AE8W on 10/1/22
Quote by K0TQ
At this time I am experiencing one of the toughest issues to resolve that I've dealt with in my 25+ years of contesting. I can totally understand why new hams may be shy of getting into today's contesting environment with all the software, SDR rigs, etc. Sort of makes me miss the old simple times. Okay, that's my soap box, see everyone on CW Sweeps! 73!

Michael K0TQ

Michael, In what way are you having issues
Drop me an email and I will help or refer you to someone that can
Yes, there are a lot of software choices for everything these days
I recommend trying one and then another until you find what works best for you, for me I like N1MM+ not just because it is FREE but mainly because of the great support from the N1MM+ Team

Drop me an email, maybe I can help you find the right tools so you too will Love contesting

Happy New Year!
Steve KG5VK
DXCC requirements unfair? NS5B on 2/8/13

No I can not agree with you.
Printing and Shipping alone of DXCC awards is not some minor amount of money. If we want to reap the awards a sponsor offers we should support them.
Membership in the ARRL, is of great value to me well beyond a good quality magazine that comes once a month.
I see on your profile that you have a nice tower and a beam, have you ever considered that without the ARRL your rights to have that tower on your property may not exist ?
Today and actually it has been this way for years, if you do not have a lobbyist on your side the govt. will find away to take away things you enjoy
It is as true with the ARRL as it is with the NRA
If we do not support the League thru some small fee's for the parts of the hobby we love, the ability to enjoy those aspects will be taken away.
I do applaud you for voicing your opinion and I also want to congratulate you for working and getting a great number of countries confirmed.
Have you seen the DXCC certificates, they are not on some cheap paper, spit out of a cheap ink jet printer.
Join the league, process your QSL credits and get your award !


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