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Power Level Abbreviations and logging Feb 17th 2014, 14:50 6 12,788 on 19/2/22

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Power Level Abbreviations and logging WD8DSB on 18/2/14

Would be interesting to get an official response from the ARRL contest branch. In past contests I converted power level abbreviations to all numbers, but in this recent contest I decided to enter exactly as received to avoid errors.

I have no idea how the ARRL automated log checking software works, so no idea what's acceptable.

Don (wd8dsb)
Power Level Abbreviations and logging WD8DSB on 17/2/14
Is it OK to enter the power level abbreviation into my log exactly as received during a contest or do I need to convert it to an actual power level.

Example 1 : a station sends 5TT meaning 500 watts, can I just log it as 5TT?

Example 2 : Some stations send KW for 1000 watts, and some send K for 1000 watts, again I would like to just enter KW or K to match exactly what I received.

I just submitted my log for the ARRL DX contest (CW) and decided to submit my log using the abbreviations exactly as received, but now wondering if my log is considered valid or not.

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