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Looking for others; Quan basic radio building Oct 28th 2015, 14:24 2 8,695 on 4/2/23

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Looking for others; Quan basic radio building KE2PB on 28/10/15
I am looking for others interested in working through Ronald Quan's book "Build Your Own Transistor Radios" (Amazon Link below).

I am using LTSpice to model Quan's circuits and KiCad pcb layout software to implement Quan's circuits as pcbs. I have made one board myself (toner transfer) and had one done by a pcb fabrication house.

I'd like to better understand Quan's circuits. He has a wealth of practical experience. His book is written for people who know somewhat more than circuit basics. I am an EE who did not do any circuit design and building in my jobs.

An ongoing discussion with a group would be welcome.

Thomas, KE2PB

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