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Digital Modes - ALE Jan 30th 2021, 16:35 3 6,524 on 31/1/21

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Digital Modes - ALE WB6CJE on 31/1/21
Zak, Thanks for the good links. I checked them out and they look very useful.
Digital Modes - ALE WB6CJE on 30/1/21
Hi, I am getting interested in digital modes in particular ALE. I just wanted to know the best resource for getting started. Also, I had one specific question. I have been listening to some of the ALE channels (e.g., 7102 kHz USB) and I hear what I believe is 8FSK, but the bursts are followed by a CW ID of a station. Also the tone durations seem like they are longer than the specified 8 ms. Is that a standard ALE transmission?

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