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CW Error Handling Jun 17th 2021, 13:16 3 8,219 on 12/5/22
Field Day 2012 Video Jul 6th 2012, 12:32 3 13,279 on 24/8/23

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CW Error Handling WA2WMR on 17/6/21
When one is sending a string of numbers (or letters) and one makes a mistake in the middle of the string, one sends a series of 8 dits. Now what? Does one send the correction and then continue with the string or does one start the string from the beginning?
Field Day 2012 Video WA2WMR on 6/7/12
This is a video of this year's field day using a QRP station that I carried to the site in a backpack. I wanted to show what could be done with a "thrown together" station set up with minimum effort. (The video was far more work than setting up the station), and I explain what I do while I am doing it.

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