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Hiram Maxim Bio Movie Mar 7th 2012, 00:28 2 12,838 on 7/3/12

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Hiram Maxim Bio Movie K2GD on 7/3/12
Sunday morning, at 8:15 AM Eastern time, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is airing the movie, "So Goes My Love," but don't let the title fool you. I have never seen the movie, but the description is that it is a biopic about Hiram Maxim and his son Percy in the early days in Brooklyn New York.

TCM is channel 256 on DirecTV.

Again, I have not seen this movie, and cannot say anything about it, but I thought that some of us might want to record and/or watch it just out of curiosity, since it is ham radio-related. It might turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Don Ameche plays Hiram, Bobby Driscoll, Percy.
Here is a link to IMDb for the movie information.

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