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ICOM IC-738 Remote Control of Antenna Switch Jul 10th 2020, 06:18 1 6,655 on 10/7/20
2 m FM Repeater Control Jun 28th 2018, 06:05 4 8,904 on 28/6/18
QSD (Tayloe detector) Spectrum Inversion? Apr 19th 2018, 14:10 2 7,139 on 19/4/18
I/Q Demodulation and Analog Processing Apr 5th 2018, 15:10 4 6,196 on 9/4/18
Parts List Entry for Potentiometer with Switch Apr 3rd 2015, 18:53 1 5,860 on 3/4/15
Parts List Entry for Hand Wound Magnetics Mar 7th 2015, 20:10 4 6,289 on 11/3/15

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ICOM IC-738 Remote Control of Antenna Switch WN8P on 10/7/20
Is there a way to remotely control the ANTenna port switch? I would like to transmit using ANT(2) port and receive using the ANT(1) port. The purpose is for use of VHF and UHF transverters so I would not have to have switching in the transverters themselves.
Best place to buy parts and components imdrich1 on 10/7/20
Digi-Key offers to pay for shipping (and insurance) if you submit your order like the old mail order method. That is you send a check or money order to "prepay" for your parts and they will ship using their choice of shipper.
2 m FM Repeater Control WN8P on 28/6/18
Hi Bill, this is Larry.
Part 97.201(b) as Part 97.205(b) is what frequencies the station may operate on. The local repeater association, of which I am the vice president, is putting forth an effort and spending some money on implementing auxiliary control to turn the (2 m) repeater off (and back on again) due to whatever reason. This controller function can be done by telephone line, internet connection, or radio link. If by radio link what frequency is dictated to be used?
2 m FM Repeater Control WN8P on 28/6/18
Would someone please point me to the Part 97 rules for repeater control, that if done by radio the frequency used must be greater than 220 MHz?
QSD (Tayloe detector) Spectrum Inversion? WN8P on 19/4/18
Is there a spectrum inversion that takes place when using a quadrature sampling detector (Tayloe detector)?

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