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Arduino RTTY w Keyboard to AFSK Output Dec 9th 2021, 15:59 1 4,907 on 9/12/21
Aircraft Radar Dongle Software Aug 23rd 2016, 17:58 2 10,407 on 26/8/16

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Arduino RTTY w Keyboard to AFSK Output W6FGH on 9/12/21
I programmed an Arduino UNO Rev3 to translate input Keyboard (ASCII) characters into output RTTY character Tones. Without using a PC or Sound Card, what is the best way to connect the Arduino output audio Pin directly into an IC7300 Microphone Jack for transmit only, without damaging the radio or Arduino due to power, current connectivity, etc. issues? (No need for an output LCD display screen to see what I know I am typing... And, I can use the IC7300 RTTY display screen for inbound receiving characters only). I also programmed an ASCII character (Up Arrow) on the Arduino to hopefully toggle the PTT on/off at the microphone jack (via another Pin and a separate Relay unit to satisfy any Arduino/Mic Jack voltage differences requirements), so that PTT connectivity is also within the scope of this question. Thank you in advanced for any suggestions/recommendations! 9Dec2021 (Veteran Navy RM3 CV43) W6FGH
Aircraft Radar Dongle Software W6FGH on 23/8/16
Regarding the Aircraft Radar project, I am unable to access the software download URLs as described in the January 2014 QST ( The URL links appear to be gone, or moved elsewhere. Please advise of new instructions and URLs for all of the software downloads in the article. I purchased the hardware (USB Dongle), but the software URLs return an "Unable to find.". I using a new Windows10 PC. 8/22/2016.

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