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Failure to give callsigns Mar 9th 2021, 13:52 2 6,232 on 9/3/21

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Failure to give callsigns W6US on 9/3/21
About 40% of the running stations in the DX SSB contest exceeded the rule about giving their callsigns at least every 3 contacts... The FCC requires giving the callsign at the end of every contact. When you go "QRZ?", you are starting a new contact and at the finish of that contact, you are required to give your callsign. All the rules for the ARRL contests should require your callsign to be given at the end of the contact---your QRZ should be prefixed by your callsign.

Jim W6US
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day AA1PR on 1/7/16
Class D and E should also be limited to 100 watts. Most of the stations out in the field are running that power and it will allow for a more balanced propagation situation.

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