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wsjt-x and ubuntu linux kb9fnn on 1/12/21
You can post your questions to the WSJTx forum on The authors and experts hang out there.
programing repeaters in new radio KD9BKU on 1/12/21
Zak's excellent reply also lets you have a receiver that will hear ALL signals on the programmed receive channel, helpful if you are located between two repeaters coordinated to share the same channel. (could be two mountaintops over a hundred miles apart)
smart meters K1SCE on 1/12/21
Did you notice that the original thread you replied to was posted in 2012, nine years ago? And the Facebook link reference fails with an error message:
This Content Isn't Available Right Now When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted..
You might want to start your complaint over from the beginning including the pertinent technical details. Do keep in mind that the power company already transmits megawatts of power at 60 Hz to power your home and the repeaters you listen to without making the signals unuseable. I'd suspect a noisy plug-in wall wart supply.
feeding 75 meter delta loop Dhp9777@ on 25/11/20
Feedpoint impedance of a delta loop can vary widely, depending on exactly where the feedpoint is located along the loop, and the height of loop above ground. Please provide more details of the loop construction.
HYGain AV680 Vertical kylegmd on 25/11/20
High SWR readings on all bands does NOT necessarily indicate that you "have a short someplace." It only indicates that there is a mismatch to the 50 ohm transmission line.Unfortunately winter weather is fast approaching most of the USA, so you may have to wait until spring to take the antenna down for maintenance and repair. When you drop it down:
Go back to the assembly manual again and determine the proper connections to the matching coil that you"fixed" during assembly. Repair as required.
Next, in order to get a reasonable SWR across each frequency band you must CAREFULLY adjust the tuning settings. Do this in the exact order listed in the manual, because the tuning adjustmentsof different bands interact.
The antenna base must be at least 8 feety above ground during the tuning process! Your MFJ analyzer should be quite helpful during this part.

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