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HF antenna options for attic Dec 26th 2022, 09:35 4 2,743 on 14/8/23
Winlink using Digirig Aug 17th 2022, 09:06 2 4,002 on 31/10/22
Yaesu FTM 6000R Jul 2nd 2022, 07:03 2 3,640 on 6/7/22
programing repeaters in new radio Nov 28th 2021, 09:44 3 5,578 on 1/12/21

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HF antenna options for attic KD9BKU on 27/12/22
Thank you W1VT
HF antenna options for attic KD9BKU on 26/12/22
i am new to HF with my ICOM 7300 Christmas gift and wondering how I'm going to install an antenna. I have my 2m antenna in the attic, its not a walk around attic. pretty limited space. Can I install a dipole and have the wires not in a straight line or loop back? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Mike KD9BKU
Winlink using Digirig KD9BKU on 17/8/22
Anyone have any experience with Digirig with a Baofeng? I am using for the first time and trying to get all the setting correct. Its trying to connect to my local 2m repeater but just wont make the connection.
Also do I need to set a tone in the radio or software to access the repeater?
Yaesu FTM 6000R KD9BKU on 2/7/22
Does anyone have any experience with this radio? All the reviews look good but I cant find any information on programing. Does it come with a factory cable and info to program over your PC or does CHIRP have programing for it? Easy? Difficult?
programing repeaters in new radio KD9BKU on 28/11/21
I have a new radio on order and to get ahead of the game I downloaded the programing software. Its a Anytone AT 778UV. When putting in the repeater frequency's it asks for CTCSS/DCS tone - Encode and Decode. On another radio I have it looks like I have the Encode and Decode tone set the same for each repeater but on a programing tutorial I watched it said only use the Encode. Any suggestions? Still learning a lot about the radios and want to make sure this and my other radios are set correctly.

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