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Hi Fi AM 1000095588H80 on 13/11/13
I am an AM operator and was wondering if other AM stations are sick of these new Class E stations taking up at least 20kc of the am window. I am NOT criticizing class E equipment.....its great stuff. But the way it is designed (home brew) it will pass dc to light audio.
There are a few stations on 3875 at night here in the north east that really think they are an FM station. One in particular is at times 16KC wide........................WHY? If someone complains to these stations about being "wide".....they will tell u "sos your ass". I have heard these guys say on the air........."sos your wife's ass". Its unfortunate that this kind of CB crap has invaded the AM window. least 2 of these class E stations are running over 2KW carrier on am.
Many of the usual am'ers will not get on because of these am bullies.
I can say more.......but lets see how this post goes!


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