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Looking for others; Quan basic radio building KE2PB on 4/2/23
I just looked at a review. That is a great book, although I do not want to spend the money and already know most of the concepts there. For AM work I have had much fun with the TA7642, which can work up into the short wave bands and support a nice direct conversion receiver. I am designing and building out a TDA7012 fm radio for a childrens build it project and can send you my results including circuit board files if you are interested.
Selecting Proper Transistors for IF Amps WB5EMX on 4/2/23
RF transistors have evolved forward from the old 2n5109 that was developed for CATV amplifiers. NXP has a series of best transistors with much lower noise and higher frequency response and gain. I prefer their BUF520 for all receiver amplifier applications such as pre amp and if amp. see
If you want more specifics I contact me and I will send a schematic or gerber file for printing a circuit board. AK4VO

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