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Ham Humanitarians May 2nd 2014, 15:55 2 6,346 on 26/5/14
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New Tranceiver, Old Electric K7RMA on 27/6/16
Thanks Martin!

73, Rob / K7RMA
New Tranceiver, Old Electric K7RMA on 20/6/16
I enjoy a Yaesu FTDX-1200 and Samlex SEC-1235M power supply. Both worked excellently in my previous home, but since then I have moved into a 93-year-old home that still has knob-and-tube wiring. That means no ground wire, which is OK - I can run a ground outside. It also means the wiring can carry a higher load in terms of amps, but the insulation will be pretty toasty after all these years. My concern is whether the old wiring, which seems to be in decent shape otherwise, can handle the load the Yaesu and Samlex would place on it. Does anyone have experience with putting a modern transceiver on knob-and-tube wiring? If so, how did it work out?
Camping and HAM radio ke8byu on 20/6/16
Hi ke8byu. My wife and I camp regularly and take our handhelds. A lot of campsites allow motorhomes with satellite dishes, and people regularly string lights, clothes lines, hammocks, and other things in the trees, so I can't imagine that a rig and antenna as you describe would be a problem. The only issue might be the noise, which could interfere with the nature experience. Use your headphones, and if operating after 10PM local then use CW. Happy camping!
Ham Humanitarians K7RMA on 2/5/14
Hello all,

I've been inspired to read about hams doing emergency response work, and other hams on dxpedition who do humanitarian work in the field. Given that there are always problems going on somewhere in the world, and given that we can reach everywhere in the world with our radios, does anyone know of any ways that we can assist with humanitarian efforts on a daily basis from our base stations?

We are well-equipped international communicators; it shouldn't take a disaster in our immediate areas or a hugely expensive foreign trip to get us involved in volunteering. More hams make the world a better place; I'm looking for ways we can demonstrate that to some of the people who need help the most.

For example,how could hams in America use their radios to help war refugees, victims of natural disasters, and such in other places? There are a lot of people around the world that need help, and our efforts could also be seen as drills for future public service closer to home.

Example: an ARES-type emergency net on 40M would be quite something, but would require coordination with someone on the ground at the scene. Guess this would be the case with all scenarios.

In any case, I know a lot of hams are interested in public service. What I'm talking about is simply a wider definition of community. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.

Thanks and 73,
Rob / K7RMA

Free Log4OM Logging software Easter release. G4POP on 2/5/14
Thanks for making this available.Its price can't be beat!

I don't see any mention of user computer requirements. What operating systems will this software work with? Linux/Mac/Windows/etc?

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