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Rule That Is Out-of-Date N3XL on 30/3/21
Some folks seem convinced spotting networks are not "soliciting a contact". The word “soliciting” itself is a bad choice of words. Look at the word’s definition. I think ARRL's intent for 3.10 is that self-spotting is prohibited. Spotting a fellow team member could easily be interpreted as soliciting for them. Looking forward to your reply.
Rule That Is Out-of-Date N3XL on 29/3/21
ARRL Contest Rule 3.10 has just come to my attention. It reads: • 3.10. The use of non-Amateur Radio means of communication (for example, Internet or telephone) to solicit a contact (or contacts) during the contest period is not permitted.

As you know, Telnet (via Internet) is in common use for spotting, so that rule needs to be tossed out, or at least changed. A new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service strictly for Hams called Hamshack Hotline is now available. The Hamshack Hotline is managed by Ham volunteers and is provided free of charge for life to all Ham Radio Operators. This service should not be confused with commercial telephone service. If ARRL wants to keep the rule, it should only apply to commercial telephone services.

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