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Edmodo Group May 22nd 2013, 21:19 1 11,120 on 22/5/13
Radio Day- Across The Curriculum (5th-8th grade) Mar 25th 2012, 19:50 4 12,233 on 2/6/12

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Edmodo Group K8ZT on 22/5/13
I was recently appointed Ohio Assistant Section Manager for Educational Outreach. I would love to hear from Teachers or others involved n Amateur Radio in Ohio, but welcome those from any state.
I have created an Edmodo Group "Radio Technology in Classroom" and would invite you to join by using group code- 6djb6r
Radio Day- Across The Curriculum (5th-8th grade) K8ZT on 25/3/12
Radio Day is designed to provide a unified theme for a day or multiple days across all areas of curriculum. Math, Science, Language Arts, Music, PE, Art, Geography, Computers and Technology. Used after students have study Electromagnetic Spectrum (light, sound, radio,etc). Designed for a teacher that is a licensed amateur radio operator, but it is easy to find eager volunteers in your are that are licensed and would be glad to provide assistance and equipment.

Here are links to resources:
Radio Day Description/Agenda-

Student Handout-

Radio Day Webs Page-

Teacher & Student Resources for Amateur (Ham) Radio-

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