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RV-ing and Amateur Radio

Nov 8th 2013, 17:48


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How many Hams are also RVers? We bought an RV in June 2012 and have put about 14,000 mile on it since. Last summer I finally found a rig and antenna system that seems to work quite well.

There are several (2) RV nets on the air and probably most check-in's belong to the ARRL. I found these nets by accident.

It would be nice to feature the world of RVing and as I like to say, "Ham Radio On the Go." A forum and an article in QST would be a nice place to start.

For instance, last week we "dry" camped at an old plantation mansion ground between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There was almost no line noise and the bands were open. Many RV parks are also quite rural and it is a pleasure to get away from a high line noise area. I'm lovin' it.
All the best &
73's de N5LN
Oscar Nugent
Slidell, LA
Jul 16th 2014, 14:37


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what antennas are you using and how do you have it mounted. I am looking at a Jr Cobra 80-6 mounted on a pole attached to the rear of RV at 30'. I have the guys figured out but not the stretching out of the dipole. It will not take too much.
Mar 8th 2017, 20:16


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I live in a 40 foot motorhome. My wife and I are both Amateur Extras. For HF, I use a Tarheel 100HP mounted on the ladder on the back. I made a quick connect fitting to remove the antenna while traveling. For 2M and 70CM, I use a 32" "dual band" antenna. Both antennas work fine. Rigs are Yaesu FTDX 1200 and Kenwood D710

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