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Question about log file format details...

Jun 3rd 2022, 15:58


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I am aware that most if not all contests require the submission of Cabrillo format log files. I have gathered a few in and viewed them to see just what is going on.

I am also aware that there are places where you can go online and purchase logging software and the support includes..... handling the details of the logging required by various contests.

My question is... I have gone to contest rules pages and seen where they defined the "EXCHANGE info required"....but they don't seem to give details on the fields required in the reporting of each contact.

In the files that I have looked at... those lines that report the contact can be a little different from one contest to another.

So how do you find the exact data fields required WITHIN the Cabrillo formatted log file? Making it Cabrillo is one thing. Including the contact details required in the proper order can be quite another. I have not personally seen any contest rules site that covered this issue.

Thanks in advance...
Jun 7th 2022, 12:29


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The CQ WPX Contest only recognizes the Cabrillo fields shown on this page.
The complete Cabrillo specification can be found at

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