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Seeking 20M Transceiver schematic

Sep 25th 2021, 11:42


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I am an older EE.

I would like to start the design of a 20m homebuilt rig. I have seen a couple of examples, such as one by Gregory Charvat on Hackaday. However, some diagrams and "schematics" are provided in such a format as to be difficult to translate (no direction as to RF separation of stages).

Yes, some plans are old and I intend to update the designs from "through hole" to SMT technology.

I have lots of documentation such as "Solid State Design for the Amateur" and "Secrets of RF Design", and others, as well as decades of experience in electronics design.

What I am looking for is a decent design to start with, which I can schematize and substitute components and/or add features (like PLL's, AGC, etc.).

Thank You
Sep 27th 2021, 08:45


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DEC 1989 - QST (PG. 18)
QRP SSB/CW Transceiver for 14 MHz, A Part 1
Author: Hayward, Wes, W7ZOI
JAN 1990 - QST (PG. 28)
QRP SSB/CW Transceiver for 14 MHz--Part 2, A
Author: Hayward, Wes, W7ZOI
ARRL members can use this web page to download old QST articles.
Wes has a web site

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