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Winlink Express with Kenwood VM-71

Aug 1st 2021, 11:38


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New to Ham Radio and these forums, but hopefully this is the right place to post this.
If not, would you please direct me to where it should be posted.

I am trying to get Winlink Express to work on my Kenwood VM-71. I am using the B band.

I am using a Mobilinkd TNC 3 to connect the laptop to the radio. I am using a cable supplied by Mobilinkd

Using APRS.FI app on my Iphone, I can Beacon out through the TNC on the Kenwood successfully.
So I think I have the TNC and the radio set up correctly, and the cable is working fine.

Also, I can operate Winlink just fine with my Yaesu VX-6R.
So I think (might be wrong!) I understand all the basic Winlink settings. I did move from mutliplex to simplex in the TNC settings per the Mobilinkd instructions. And since the APRS is working fine I think this is correct

So I think I have all the COMM ports, etc. set correctly in Winlink.

I have tried both KISS and KISS Port 2 (thinking this might be the "B" band).

When using the VM-71 and Winlink Express, there seems to be no communication between the radio and the
TNC - no red or green lights, etc.

I have searched the internet, but have not seen this problem addressed. At least at a beginner's level
that I understand.

Are there any suggestions of things I might try to get this to work?

thanks for your help


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