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SB-300 AM filter

Feb 18th 2020, 19:14


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Greetings all!

I just finished bringing an SB-300 back from the dead and I'm enjoying listening to it more than I can remember ever having with such a simple activity in ham radio. The receiver is terrific! But I have a couple of questions about the stock AM filter. First, 3.75 kHz between 6 dB points seems awfully narrow. I have heard some SW broadcasts and a couple of 40 meter hams that are understandable but overall the audio seems muffled. Why did Heathkit select such a narrow bandpass? My FT-101 has a stock Yaesu AM filter with a 6 kHz passband. Second, what is the best way to tune AM? I've found that zero beating the carrier in USB then switching to AM works okay but is it better to just tune for maximum S meter?

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